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Programming Research Group (Programmiersprachen und Übersetzer)

Prof. Dr. H. Klaeren

Prof. Klaeren is retired by 1. April 2014. His group was doing research and education on theoretical and practical aspects of programming. Some of the topics are:

  • Semantics, design and implementation of programming languages
  • Functional programming languages
  • Programming methodology
  • Programming environments, programming tools.

The lists of doctoral dissertations, diploma and master theses and study projects/bachelor theses (mostly in German) will remain to be available here. Also, the Computer museum of the WSI will still be maintained.

Natürlich kann man diese Informationen auch auf deutsch abrufen.

Brecht's Law of Programming: Es geht auch anders, doch so geht es auch.

Gershwin's Law of Programming: It ain't necessarily so.

Orwell's Law of Programming: Constants are variables.


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